"abbi cura di te"

Virtual Exhibition of Exhibitions



Here we go again. The curatorial project "Abbi cura di te" is moving forward, enriching itself weekly with heterogeneous contributions.
The debate on the issue from which we started more than six months ago is, alas, still current and the management and recovery scenarios are complex, especially in the cultural sector where we and you operate. There is still a lot of uncertainty, the events once again in the stop and postponement phase, the operators in distress. But our enthusiasm doesn't stop!

We present and celebrate our Season 02 by posting the full second batch of works here on our website. This season illustrates the works of 20 other national and international collaborators who shared their thoughts, their personal interpretation of isolation and their domestic exhibition.


We can't wait to also launch Season 03 which will close the annual circle.

From here we can and will have to start again!

December 10th 2020



Having started in full lockdown, the curatorial operation "Abbi cura di te" (Take care of yourself) involved over 20 professionals, national and international, who enthusiastically accepted the invitation to take part in the project. An experiment that is taking shape and impulse day after day, thanks to the sensitivity of the works collected so far.

Today we present the first block of contributions that have arrived - "Season 01" - 20, to be exact.
Very different from each other - by means of expression, reflection and selected theme - they have in common the idea of making creativity an important moment in their personal interpretation of isolation, transforming the domestic space into a curatorial experience both ephemeral and profound.


July  1st  2020