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Superficial Studio


The Team


A creative studio that develops communication projects, Superficial was born in 2016 and, as a company, in 2017 in Rome from five co-founders: Daniele Ficociello, Zaira Magliozzi, Federica Marchetti, Giulia Mura, Roberto Sommatino. Five personal stories already intertwined, a ten-year experience as a freelance and numerous collaborations shared in the sectors of communication, writing, graphics, architecture, design and events. Five points of view on the world, however, turned towards a common goal: to find wealth where others pass indifferently. To date, we have dealt with a wide range of sectors: architecture, art, automotive, design, culture, construction, publishing, training, fashion, food and Social Innovation. We have worked, among others, for the Italian Red Cross, Innova Camere, Ferrovia dello Stato, Fendi and we collaborate with the AIAC - Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism for the promotion and communication of architecture.

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