Psychedelic Journey


The term, derives from the Greek words soul, ψυχή(psyche), and to manifest, δήλος (delos): for millennia in various populations of the world during shamanic and divinatory rites, they have been induced mystical and revelatory experiences, of contact with
the divinity, of connection with the mother earth. In these practices, we disconnect from everything we know about the place and ourselves and we place ourselves in a new visionary condition with respect to our surroundings.

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/ Vincent Van Gogh, Two Sunflowers,

61x43 cm, 1887, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

An Example

All efforts to represent the inner world of the psyche as an artistic way can be considered psychedelic. Although in the common language “psychedelic art” refers above all to the artistic movement of the counterculture of 1960, here it is intended in a much wider sense. Vincent Van Gogh, in the famous picture of sunflowers, which he was painting while having a disagreement with Paul Gauguin, and right before cutting his own ear.  In the portrait of him, made by Gaugain, he looked with the nose flattened and a gaze fixed maniacal on the flowers. Vincent commented: "It's certainly me, but I've gone mad."

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