Over the months, our contributions went from twenty to forty, and forty to sixty. Partly as for the global pandemic showed no signs of giving up and continuing to offer food for thought related to the domestic space despite ourselves. However, the curating exercise designed for "Ab​b​i​ ​cura di te" provides the ability to reverse our points of view and remains a journey worthwhile going through regardless.

The heterogeneous works presented in Season 03, in fact, add a further piece of value to our project, which over time has increasingly represented a real mapping of resilience, courage and creativity, highlighting a transversal, widespread and very sensitive community.

The next season, co-curated in synergy with Farah Piriye, will address issues such as inclusiveness and gender equality, helping to lead the project towards its more open and international dimension, ideally accompanying the museum sector's definitive renaissance.


Welcome to our Season 03!

July 27th 2021