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How to Start

As you want. You are absolutely free to set up your exhibition as a curator.
We only give you options or suggestions, but the choices are part of the exhibition project itself, and you can combine different media like in reality. We suggest using a single expression’s medium or mixing it in an understandable way to those who will observe them: photography, video, animation, graphics, interactive program, texts, drawings, sound/noise, others ...

Think about how you can make a small home exposition and we will take care of sharing it with the world. With five simple steps, transform your home dimension into a small exhibition to share with others, just because we cannot do without culture and its aesthetics!

  1. Choose a theme from our Exhibition Themes;

  2. Choose the elements that you wish to exhibit;

  3. Decide how to set up your exhibition: space, the sequence and the scenario;

  4. Present and resume your ideas; 

  5. Explain to us your concept and send us your home exhibition in any format that you want (pictures, audios, videos, etc.).

How to start

You have 15 days to produce your curatorial experiment.

What we need

What "abbi cura di te" needs to Exhibit Your Exhibition

Filter System
  1. Title of the exhibition;

  2. Concept: minimum of 3 lines - maximum of 10 lines;

  3. The story of your collection;

  4. Techniques that you will use to package your exhibition: any type (objects, photos, videos, media mix, drawings, watercolours, tempera colours, oil, pop-ups, music, shows, paintings, literature, sculptures ...).

Electrical Cable with Scale
  1. Whatever you want as long as the size of the exhibition and the measurement of the elements you enter (if relevant) are clear and understandable. 

  2. The size of the exhibition;

  3. The size of the elements you enter if relevant.

Old Typewriter
  1. Name of the piece included in the exhibition, material and techniques in the original exhibition, title of the piece;

  2. Optional additional comment.

CCTV on Rocks

We also would like to have the following information if you agree (in the Drive folder you’ll find also a privacy form and a consent form to authorize us to use your data for this cultural project):

/ Name and surname
/ Profession
/ Official email
/ Where do you live? (Optional)
/ Where are you from? (Optional)

/ How old are you? (Optional)

/ A short Bio (not more than 3 lines) and a Picture

/ Other pieces of information that you find relevant to describe you

Let's shake on it!
3D Hand Sculpture
Let's shake on it!

In order to exhibit your "abbi cura di te" Domestic Exhibition​, we would need your consent, so please download the pdf, read it carefully, sign it happily and attach it with your exhibition material in delivery folder. 

Where to deliver your exhibition

Where to deliver

If you accept our invitation, let us know in our Contact page or email us, then we will send you a link of a folder with your name in a shared Google-drive folder. You can either work directly there in absolute privacy. or upload your final materials after you have finished.

Among the materials to be uploaded, it is essential that you can indicate one or more square images for publication on Instagram @abbicuradite_2020. If you intend to send us a text as the main project you can send us an image that evokes it in your mind, or a short sentence that represents it, while if you intend to present a work in video format, choose a frame that we can publish instead of the photo.

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