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The preparation of food, the choice of ingredients, the method of preparation, the aesthetics with which it is served, consumed, offered can be considered political or social gestures through which to imagine, invent and tell a slice of the world lived or on arrival. Taking care of how we feed ourselves and how we feed others places us in the primary condition of conceiving a gift.

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/ Carol Goodden, Tina Giraud, Gordon Matta Clark, FOOD 1971, New York

In 1971, the artists' Carol Goodden, Tina Girouard and Gordon Matta- Clark opened Food, a hybrid refectory and a nightly artistic event in New York City, which fed Soho artists using completely unusual ingredients: oxtail soup, frog legs and marrow bones. Their culinary and conceptual art has gone on for a couple of years in its original form, but it exemplifies the way a carefully conceived meal combines aesthetics, community and consume. Although if it looks of close competence of the chefs is actually one of the greatest inspirations in the world of art.

An Example

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