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Blu Klein


The value relationships between people, between them and places or symbolic objects, began to be strongly questioned starting from the post-war period. Artistic actions with a social or political background have overturned many social customs, showing their violence and absurdity. Often with poetry, sometimes with the enchanted gaze of visionaries. An artistic project that puts together the movement and his meaning in dynamics with the public has generated real changes, both subjective and intersubjective.

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Piero Manzoni, in 1959 conceived as a work of art a performance in which to sign people’s naked bodies, making them living sculptures. To attest it, he prepared real certificates of authenticity for the works of art. He signed 71 of them, including his friends Umberto Eco and Mario Schifano.

/ Piero Manzoni, Opera d’Arte Vivente, Performance, 1961

An Example

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